In the Cool of Her Evensong

In the Cool of Her Evensong

This is a new year–2013, and I have so many things I want to do. I want to continue taking photos of my “girls,” but I’d also like to add a few new friends, relatives, to the photographic story that is unfolding. This photo, “In the Cool of Her Evensong” was taken on the outskirts of College Station, Texas, early in December. This particular dress is Viola, who is quite a champ, as she sometimes looks more pink, other times more lavender, and even occasionally can seem a bit blue. She is from the 50s, and though can seem a bit buttoned up, has a mischievious side–she has a pet donkey named Frank Sinatra. But in this photo she is all quietness and sincerity. She has a strength of purpose, a grace, a beauty that is the beauty of the extraordinary revealed in the ordinary, the loveliness that comes from the delicacy of her sheerness against the light of the setting sun, the approaching evening. Indeed there is a prayerfulness to Viola as we look at her through the frame of this arched window–a pink-blushed seraphim, momentarily manifest to our sight.

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