Spring Has Come to East Texas!

Beatrice Soaked in the Colors of Spring Title: Beatrice Soaked in the Colors of Spring

I haven’t posted in a while–life got in the way of photography, but today I just couldn’t resist the call of the East Texas sky. I got out my faithful Chevy, gassed her up, and wandered around Walker and Trinity Counties. When I came across this azalea bush on the side of the road, I almost swooned from the lusciousness of the bright fuchsia pink against the cobalt blue of the sky, and when I added Beatrice’s yellow dress, well the only word that buzzed around my brain was happy, happy, happy. This photo makes me happy. The colors make me happy. Spring makes me happy. Knowing that summer is just around the corner and I won’t have to teach for a bit and can spend my days meandering down these East Texas back roads looking for more photographic adventures makes me ecstatically happy. I hope this photo makes anyone reading this post happy as well. Smiles all around!

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